Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

   Ben and Matt are in Palm Springs with friends this weekend. They don't let any moss grow under their feet! Tomorrow morning is our fantasy draft, I don't know how many years we've been doing this, maybe 5 or 6 years. Travis is the commissioner, I think he enjoys organizing it. It's an all family affair, 10 of us, Jake, Em, her dad Chris, Travis, Dillon, Jeff G., the Bonds & me.


   Greetings from the patio. I'm here with Riley & Carter. Beautiful evening, working the last of my holiday weekends at the golf course. Before I know it, we'll be packing up for Borrego. Lots to do before then. I've got budgets, cart path & parking lot paving projects to complete plus a variety of fall projects. Looks like I'm going back for a 6th year.

   Our dogwood is in full bloom this fall. Didn't bloom much in the spring. It must like hot weather because it's been a very nice summer and we still scheduled to get temps in the 90's next week!
    Even though I didn't get to Jake & Em's much I miss them being so far away. They really seem to be liking it in E. WA and Jake seems to be in his element as a sales rep. I am heading to Spokane in a couple of weeks to see Gracie and of course, the new digs. Looking forward to some time off, haven't taken any time since coming back to work.

    Chris & Carole are in Italy, they've been there several times. Probably revisiting their favorite places. Think they are taking a cooking class.

    Only five weeks to go before we leave, right in the middle of our paving project. Things seems to be going real good. Budgets pretty much done, inventory complete and we got the greens artifice. Just got to get through the clubhouse opening and most of the heavy lifting is done.

Always like to include photos but I can't get them to load.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer Time in Hoodsport

Start to another summer, very wet spring has given way to some really nice warm summer days. Some big changes are coming. Jake got promoted to a large sales territory in Eastern Washington. Just this week he & Em bought a home in the Liberty Lake area of Spokane.

We also celebrated Gracie's 3rd birthday on June 3rd at the children's museum in Everett. A very fun day with family & friends.

Chris & I have been busy at our work and in our spare time working out in the yard. Never enough time!

Some sad news, Chris found out that her mom has cancer, its early in the discovery process, we don't know much at this time. We all should have a good idea about her condition later this summer.

We are excited for Jake & Em but it is hard to imagine Grace so far away. I think our summers will now include a week in Spokane. The home the kids bought has a full apartment downstairs, perfect for a visit.

Ben & Matt are great and doing very well. They've come over a couple of times around Mother's Day & Father's Day. They cooked wonderful meals, we had Carole over both times, Merle & Donna joined us in June. Ben, once again amazes us managing to do so well at Starbucks & paint as well. I'm attaching a beautiful painting he did as a project for Howard. Several employees painted pictures to be given as gifts to the board of directors @ Starbucks. Ben had the privilege to do a painting for former New York senator and NBA Knick great, Bill Bradley. Unbelievable!!! They also processed their white wine also called Fate, it is very good, enjoyed by all!

Time to go home

Our first extended time down here in Borrego is quickly coming to an end. I'm down to my last week, maybe the same for Chris & Carole. An unusual season down here with record amounts of rainfall and now record heat. All in all, it's been a pleasant stay, we enjoy our place, it's low maintenance but we are both ready to go home. We didn't do much to the place, had Rosie convert our path to the golf course to cement. We bought a new golf cart and a tough shed to store it in. Now we can lock things up when we leave.

It will be nice to get home and see the family, Ben & Matt came down for 3 days after Christmas, we had fun with them and Matt's folks in Palm Springs. We did a lot of Facetiming with Jake, Em & of course Grace, can't wait to see them again. Looks like we'll get a chance to see Travis in May. Dillon is graduating and we are going back to help them celebrate.

Still managing the golf course, I've worked on a good plan to have this extended time off, saving them money and giving me more time down here. Played plenty of golf including shooting a 73 at Rams Hill, a personal best for me. I don't plan on playing as much back home, concentrating on work and the yard but we'll see.

Carter & Riley enjoyed their time here, I was concerned how they would react to losing their back yard at home but between visits to the dog park and walks down to the green belt, they seemed happy with that. I have noticed Riley hasn't been limping around. Perhaps the warmer weather helps.

I'll have to add some photos when I get back home, can't access some of the ones I'd like to include.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I'm so bad about entering posts. It's Halloween and another summer is in the books. Highlight of the summer is how Grace changes weekly and how amazingly well she communicates. She loves to hop and dance, clap her hands and spin in circles, such a delight. We can't see her as much as we'd like but we can visit regularly on facebook. Grandma & I took Grace to the zoo and had a blast.

Chris & Carole just got back from 2 weeks in Italy. Don't need to add that they had a great time.

Ben has really been traveling a ton this year. He just got back from Amsterdam, he also went to Milan, WA D.C. New York and of course, down to Napa for a quick review of their new wine they are bottling. Matt is also doing great, he just went to D.C. To take an exam to become a judge, amazing!
Riley and Carter are both doing good, they enjoyed our stay in Borrego and we are getting ready for an even longer stay starting this November.

Travis is really doing good, Dillon & Bailey present their unique challenges but he's always positive. He is enjoying his new job and received a very nice promotion.

Didn't do much in the yard, reseeded the front yard this fall but it's been so wet, I won't know how well it takes until I get back from Borrego.

The truck is in the shop getting repaired from being run off the road. Lucky I didn't get hurt.

Came home from Borrego to find out we were burglarized. Thieves took various items. Took all my SWP rings, watches and collectibles that can't be replaced. Most items were covered by insurance, we were lucky they didn't do much property damage. We've got a better plan in place for this winter.

It's been an interesting year at work. The committee that formed last year is a pain in my rear. We've had a good year financially, yet the committee has recommended to close down the golf course Nov-Jan. It's disappointing but I now have another couple months off to spend in Borrego.

I'll close with another picture of my little girl, As excited as Chris & I are to spend more time down south, we will miss our kids during the holidays.
This picture of Grace came from a recent visit. Jake & I were watching the "Hawks", Grace was watching Curious George on dad's I-phone.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Getting caught up AGAIN

Hard to believe I haven't created a post since December! Where to begin...
For the first time, Chris, the dogs & I packed our bags and spent 3 months down at our new place in Borrego. Chris rode down with Carole, so it was the boys & myself for the 2 1/2 day trip. We had quite a few things done while we were still here in Hoodsport but there was still plenty of work to do once we got down there. Overall, I think both of us were very happy with the painting, flooring & landscaping we did. I think Chris enjoyed picking out new furniture & I got to go TV shopping.
Time flew by, I worked a couple of days at the golf course which allowed us to both golf for free. Chris played at the roadrunner and enjoyed the group there, while I played at the springs. It was pretty easy to get into a routine of golfing, working around the place and the weekly shopping trip into Palm Springs for groceries & stuff.

While down in Borrego, our home was broken into. We lost items that can't be replaced but at least they didn't trash our home. Lesson learned, we have set up a security system which will allow us to monitor our home and be notified if there is any activity on our property.

Work has been a little stressful, a new golf course committee has been formed, majority of the membership in the committee are the same old crows who give us crap because they have nothing better to do. Fortunately, the golf course is having a good year so far (through May). As summer approaches, the critics have found other things to focus on and things are somewhat back to normal.

 Chris (Nana) has had several opportunities to watch our little Grace. She's adorable! She's getting around great, talking all the time and has become quite the dancer. While Chris was watching her, she would FaceTime me and I'd have 5 min. to make her laugh! She really likes to see Riley for some reason. She always asks to see "more Riley". This coming weekend we'll be going over to her 2nd birthday party. Jake & Em are doing a great job, she is a delight!

Ben & Matt came over this past weekend to spoil us with their cooking. They are both doing fantastic. they recently sold their condo and are now living downtown in a new larger apartment complex. I need to get over there!
Working out in the yard is not quite the same for Chris & I, we are just trying to maintain things. I work too much to help like I use to and Chris does what she can but has never been a real fan of yard work but our back patio flowers are really doing great this year. Who knows how long this golf course job will continue. certainly want to get through this year (I turn 62 in Dec), that seems a certainty but the future is murky. If the new board does not allow for my 3 months off Jan - Mar. this will be my last year. Probably depends on how we finish the year. If we continue to post good numbers they would be foolish to make a change. The board is unpredictable and allows the membership to sway its opinion. None of the people that hired me are on the board anymore but I have good relationships with most of the current board members. Only time will tell.

The boys are pretty good and really seemed to enjoy our stay in Borrego. Carter is really starting to show his age (he turns 10 this month) but he's pretty healthy but developing some very weird, quirky behaviors like not wanting to walk on the hardwood floors and we now have to leave the upstairs stairway lights on because he can't see the steps and has taken a couple of small tumbles. My guess is he'll be with us again this next winter in Borrego, he really looks forward to going to the dog park to chase that ball!

I'm skipping a lot of the small stuff but that's kind of the highlights. Hope to post a little more often.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas 2015

Time fly's between these posts! It's early in December and the recent weather makes us wish for an early spring. We've really been hit hard with rain and it seems like it will never end. Last weekend we went to Seattle to celebrate the holiday season with Ben & Matt. They hosted a lunch, we drove up to Jake's and helped him with Grace (Em was out of town). Grace was amazing (again), the party was from 1-3 which is right in the middle of her nap time. She smiled and visited with everyone and stole the show!

With each post there seems to be changes. Due to budget constraints at work, I now have Jan-March off. Chris, the boys and I are going to take advantage and head south to Borrego. As I sit here typing, we are having work done at our place. Rosie is working on building concrete patio's and landscaping while Phil is inside repainting. We have a lot of work still to do. New flooring is going to be installed after the painting, new furniture will be delivered when we get down there. Once we get the phone, internet and TV's set up it should be very livable and of course a little warmer than Hoodsport.

Merle & Donna are home for a few weeks, they've been gone since late July. We went over and saw the photo's from their trip across Canada, sounds like they had a great time. Merle shared several of the local beer flavors he acquired during the trip and he brought back several hat clips for me from several of the golf courses as payback for keeping an eye on his place while they were gone.

Back to Grace, she's now walking! She is just so darn cute! She gives us hugs, wet kisses on the cheeks and as the picture above shows, she loves blowing kisses. Jake & Em are doing a great job as mom and dad. Here's another picture of Grace in her evening fur collared coat.

Travis is doing good, he's just moved into his own place and now has a good paying job in a local factory in Wisconsin. His kids are growing fast and as always, keep Travis on his toes. Dillion will be a senior next year, he played football this season. Bailey just got a job at McDonalds.

Ben and Matt are doing incredibly well, both very successful, both very proud of each other. We sure enjoy their visits, they don't stop cooking from the moment they come in. Ben recently opened a new store inside the Roaster in Seattle and yes, that's Howard Shultz with Ben at the grand opening!

Christmas will be pretty low key around here as we make a shift in our lifestyle to spend time in Borrego. We are incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family, good friends, a fun and diverse lifestyle and our health.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

End of Summer 2015

Six months has flown by since my last posting! Several items to get caught up on. Of course the lead story is Grace, Jake & Em are doing a marvelous job raising her, she is a delight. I'm always after Jake to send me pictures or a video since we don't have much of an opportunity to see them very often. She's not quite walking but she's getting real close, her latest trick is climbing up and now DOWN the stairs.

We had another great time this spring down in Borrego, weather was good, golf was great as they re-opened Rams Hill, a beautiful golf course on par with our Salish cliffs up here. Ben and Matt came down for a week and enjoyed cooking for us and lounging by the pool. We really enjoy getting to spend this time with them as do our friends. It was down in Borrego when we noticed that our good friend Jeff was having issues. Unfortunately his condition got worse when he got home, had an accident and has been hospitalized now for the past 12 weeks. I miss his wry humor, he's in Seattle, which makes it difficult to get time to visit. I hope by my next posting, I'll have good news to report about his recovery. At the end of our Borrego trip, Chis and I decided to invest in a double-wide on the RoadRunner golf course, it needs work and we are preparing to go down this fall to begin making it into our winter home. I think we bought at the right time, I just spoke to our realtor down there and all the golf course homes that were for sale have all been purchased. We'll miss our rental home but it'll be fun having our own place down there.

It's been an extraordinary dry summer, we did not get the typical wet months leading up to summer and it has been hard on the plants, the yard and of course the golf course. It's been a crazy busy summer up at Lake Cushman and now that it's late August, our tournament season is finished and I'm looking forward to working less hours and spending some more time here at home. Business has been very good, hope we have a good labor day and finish the year strong, I think we will. Pretty proud of my self for getting my handicap back down in that 8 or 9 range, finished second gross in the club championship - not bad for a hack!

This July we celebrated Christal's 60th BD, it was fun having Ben, Matt, Jake, Em & Grace over for the weekend. Hard to believe how fast time goes by, I think we are both glad to be working and productive and in reasonably good health. Chris gets the occasional call to help Jake & Em to babysit Grace while Em is away on work, she really enjoys some extended time with Grace.

Didn't do anything new in the yard, with the tough dry & hot summer I postponed any yard rehabilitation projects, maybe I'll do something in the fall.

Other noteworthy items that come to mind...Ben got promoted to a directors position at Starbucks. The stock market is having a tough summer due to issues in China. I traded in my Honda Ridgeline for a new Ford F150 (Seahawk Blue). that should give us the room we need for Carter, Riley, Chris & I to travel together to Borrego. I really like my truck! Donna & Merle are on their 5 month journey across the US & Canada. Donna has started a blog to chronicle their adventure. Bill & Debbie are well underway with their new home, nice to have the Ashby gang up here this summer. Superbowl 49 didn't work out well for the Hawks as Russell threw a pick in the final seconds when they should have given the ball to Beast Mode (we'd be celebrating our second straight championship). Looks like we'll fire up the family feud fantasy league again, I had a good year in 2014-15, not as optimistic for this season but it'll be fun. Good way to stay connected to the kids (Travis is commissioner).