Monday, February 27, 2012

Enjoying Borrego Springs

Made it to Borrego on Saturday afternoon (Dillon's BD). The house we rented is amazing, 3 bedrooms all with their own flat screen tv's, glass showers and doors outside to the pool area. I did get off to a rough start. The master br closet is where the owners store the lawn furniture cushions and somehow a mouse or mice got in there and really made a mess. After fuming about it for a few seconds, I snapped a few pictures and started cleaning things up. Spent most of that first afternoon and several hours the next morning getting things ship shape. Donna & Merle, Jeff & Carole stopped by for a tour and a few beers - it was fun to entertain in this house. The back of the house has a pool and small spa that needed some minor debris cleaning and I turned on the heater (I guess it takes a couple of days to warm up). Also out the back we face the 15th green and 16th tee box on the DeAnza GC. It's a beautiful setting. I plan to take some pictures today. Chris comes in on Wed, I think she'll love the place. Ben & Matt come in on Friday night for a couple of days, Rick comes in on Sunday afternoon for 3 or 4 days. More to follow...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday morning in Florence

Having a great time, we have golfed three straight days, not played great but I'm having fun and the weather is great. Rick is such a great host, won't let me buy anything. I'm glad he is coming to Borrego to let us pay him back. Ordered golf clubs for Chris and myself, they'll be delivered on Monday in Borrego. I have some pictures to download including a roadrunner that visited our golf cart at Apache Creek on Tuesday and an owl that is nesting in a palm tree here in Caliente. I have visited with Ron & Susan, golfed with Gary, Ron & Hartze (Bob) and of course Rick. Today I'll go for a swim and a spa, have some breakfast and finish washing the Ridgeline by cleaning the windows. One disappointment is the little golf course here, it's in terrible shape, rough & greens need to be mowed, weeds covering much of the fairways, many dead or barren spots on the greens and fairways. That has to be disappointing to the locals. More to come.

Friday, February 17, 2012

First day of my trip down south

My original thoughts were lost replaced with my most recent posting. Don't know what I did wrong. I'll try to summarize my travel down to Florence. Took 2 1/2 days 1,600 miles traveled. Spent the first night in Yreka, CA. Wish I had my camera out to snap a photo of Mount Ashland and Mount Shasta, they were beautiful, covered in snow. Roads were good, could see in future trips that snow could have been on roads but they were dry and bare. Next day plan was to make it to Bakersfield but made better than expected progress and ended up staying in Barstow, CA (what a dump). The hotel was right next to a railroad track and trains rumbled through about ever hour, shaking the building. Got up early the next morning and headed for Florence. Once I got to Needles, I took US 95 straight south to Blythe and Hwy 10. 95 was a decent road but was a roller coaster for the entire 80 miles, thought I was going to get sick! Next time I would go through Lake Havasu, down through Parker, much prettier and much flatter highway. Pulled into Florence about 2:30, plenty of time to unpack and visit with Rick, he served steaks!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jakes birthday

For Jakes birthday we invited him over on Friday to celebrate. Jake and I met at Salish Cliff's for a round of golf at the new course in our area. Weather was a little iffy but not too bad considering the time of year. We had a great time, I really liked the course layout, front nine much shorter and easier then the back nine. greens were good and the fairways were understandably mushy. I wish I took a few pictures, I need to get better at that. It is a beautiful setting, be fun to play when the weather gets nicer.

I hope Jake continues to play, he is very good especially when considering he doesn't play much. He was nice enough to let me win, I shot a 86, not bad but we both took a few mullies along the way.

We ended up going out for pizza at the Union deli, it was fun to have him over. That next morning we began planning for the yard renovation I'm going to help him with this spring.

That next day I had to go into Tacoma to pick up my new golf shoes and we met up with Ben and Matt for lunch, that was fun. They are thinking of joining us for a weekend down in Borrego Springs.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's get started

I'm venturing onto foreign soil here. Not sure what all I'd like to get accomplished. Ideas about monitoring my struggle to lose weight and establish a fitness routine. Post some of my favorite pictures. Record a journal of my upcoming vacation down to Arizona and California. Collect my thoughts about adjusting to life after working 27 years for one company, will I miss it? Will I get bored or have trouble finding enough to do? I love to golf and I'm looking forward to playing often. Will I improve? Will it be as much fun as I anticipate to join a mens league that plays regularly? I also love dogs, have a yellow lab and I'm considering getting a second dog. I would like to spend more time with my boys but will their schedule allow any more time for their dad? I hope to help Jake re-do his back yard this spring, really look forward to spending time with him. Ben and Matt are moving but they'll be all moved in before I finish my last couple weeks of work.

One week to go!

Hard to believe the time is rapidly approaching to leave on my trip down south. On Monday I'll start getting my things in order.

Had Jake over for a round of golf at Salish Cliffs - a fantastic new golf course, we both played well and like any good son, he let his dad win. I really enjoyed Jakes visit and our conversations. I'm looking forward to helping him with his yards projects when I get back from California & Arizona.

Had to go into Tacoma today to pick up my new golf shoes. That gave us a chance to have  lunch with Ben & Matt. The food was good and I felt the need to enjoy a good glass of Guinness, Again, it made me yearn for a pub here in Hoodsport.

The weather has turned a bit iffy, cold rain and drizzle. At least it was nice enough on Friday for Jake and I to get our round of golf in....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Settling In!

Two weeks into retirement, I'm just now getting use to the idea of not working for SW. I've been good about my workouts, I've been walking two miles Mon - Wed & Fri and got an extra workout in on Sunday. Surprised that the Super Bowl was so entertaining, I really enjoyed the game even though I had no real rooting interest.

Weather has been awesome allowing me the opportunity to get a jump on the flower beds. looking forward to start working on the lawn when I get back from Ariz & Calif.

Not having any trouble finding things to keep my interest. I'm also just beginning to get ready for my trip, getting my golf stuff in order and with the gift card from Ben & Matt, purchased some new golf shoes - they are very comfortable but look a little like clown shoes. I'm sure I'll hear it from my friends down in California when I see them in a couple of weeks.

I got up to the local course and walked 9 holes! My feet held up pretty well, golf game was predictably rusty but managed a 43.

I'm reading a fascinating book on dogs, very analytical but has really interesting insight into how and why dogs do what they do and how they see the world.

I hope the weather allows Jake and I to play golf tomorrow, not sure if it will be on his turf or mine. I'd like to play Salish Cliffs and then Chris & I can take him out to dinner for his birthday.

February is birthday month around here, Cathy, Jake, Travis & Dillon all have birthdays this month. Chris and I need to figure out what to give Dillon for his 13th birthday, I can't believe he is a teenager!