Monday, June 18, 2012

Zimmerman Wedding & My week at Jake's

Just returned from four days in Sunriver, OR. We attended the wedding of a former rep who has since been promoted and moved to Florida. The whole weekend was fun, weather was great, condo was nice, dogs behaved like champs and I got a couple of rounds of golf in. The golf on Saturday was particularly fun because the golf course was spectacular (Crosswater). I'm attaching a photo from one of the tee boxes but each whole had magnificent views of Mt Bachelor and the three sisters.

It's been a little while since my last blog, I need to catch up. I spent 5 days with Jake, we renovated his front yard (I'll attach photo's). I really enjoyed spending time with Jake and we were both proud of what we got accomplished. We tore out some unwanted overgrown plants, built a retaining wall, trimmed tree's and shrubs and thatched and over seeded his from and side lawns. It was fun to pass on a few tips I have learned from my own experiences. Can't wait to visit him again and see how things have progressed.

Riley has had some digestive problems, he had a couple of parasites and his medicine is finally working and he is getting back to normal. He continues to grow and is certainly a regular part of our family and now the neighborhood.

Starting to work now on the front lawns and the side hill. I've got the back in pretty good shape.

More later...