Sunday, June 8, 2014

Welcome to our family Grace!

 Grace Annabel Nelson - Born June 3rd @ 8:52 am
Grace was born @ Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland. Chris and I got the call that Jake & Em were heading to the hospital at about 11:00 Monday night. We got to the hospital about 2:30 and didn't get to see Grace until about 10:30 that morning. Some anxious moments as we waited there with Linda (Em's mom). I'll never forget seeing Jake pop out of that delivery room beaming with both arms in the air and both thumbs emphatically pointing straight up. We were all guessing her weight, I (of course) was the one to correctly guess her weight at 7 lbs 3 oz, she was 21' long at birth. We couldn't be prouder and happier for both Jake and Em.

Just 3 days later...
Fire rips through their home, thank God none was injured, but they will be displaced from their home for at least 6 or 7 months. Jake thinks a compost pile might have started the fire but nothing yet has been determined. The upstairs is totally gone, that means all the bedroom items and nursery items. They have to go through the painstaking process of identifying all the things they lost and making sure the insurance company rebuilds their place to their total satisfaction. Takes away from the time they could have spent enjoying their daughters first months at home - how sad.

Despite the setback, the kids are in good spirits and we are anxious to get to know our granddaughter. We are heading over today to babysit while Jake and Em do some shopping.
Everything back at our place is good, Chris planted her garden and has been trying hard to help me outside. I really like the condition of our yard, we are slowly starting to add planting to the hillside. The boys (dogs) are good, they are enjoying the nice weather and spending more time outside. It's good to have our neighbors back and they already have their yards in beautiful condition, it's hard to keep up!
Ben and Matt have both been busy as ever and they are both enjoying their careers and they are both excelling. Ben sold his large viaduct painting and is working on it's replacement, should be amazing when he finishes it. It's been so long since I've updated this blog, I don't know if I had previously mentioned that Ben & Matt got married, we are so happy for both of them. There ceremony was held on the state capital grounds and a reception followed over at Peters in Olympia. It rained but as usual the boys were prepared and we all had fun celebrating with them under the tent. They honeymooned in LA @ the Beverly Hills Hilton and had a great time.
Trav seems to be settled in to his new place, much closer to his work and he is working hard to strengthen his bond with Bailey and Dillon, it hasn't been easy for him but he never gives in and I'm continually amazed at how positive he remains.
Things are good up at the golf course, our very wet spring has got us off to a slower start then I would have liked but I'm really happy with my staff and I will not be working as much on the weekends as I did last year. That's good because it gives me more time to visit Grace.