Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is over bring on 2013

Had a wonderful christmas holiday. We were able to spend time with Ben & Matt, Jake & Em, had dinner with Merle and Donna. It definitely was a while christmas although it rained most of the day. Everyone was very generous with their gift giving. Nice Husky jacket from Jake & Em, Nice mid sleeve Salish Cliff wind/rain jacket from Chris. Headphones & a  really nice "go" coffee cup from Ben & Matt and a gift card from grandma. Most surprising gift was a neon Sherwin-Williams sign that Jacob restored himself. I'm working on tweaking the electrical stuff to make it easier to hang up in the shop.

Of course I ate too much and ate the wrong stuff as is the norm for the holiday.

Jake, Em & I watched the Hawks dismantle the niners on sunday night and that was a lot of fun to do that with them.

Merle and Donna are heading back south tomorrow, I'm a little jealous because it is so cold and wet here but it won't be long before I start getting ready for my own trip down south.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week before Christmas, snowing almost every day

After LCMC closed the clubhouse on December 11, I played golf three or four times. I think the next golf will be down south with Rick. Today we really got hit, probably 4-6 inches, had to get the generators out and placed in the pump house and next to the house. The dogs are enjoying the snow, hard to play ball, the ball sinks into the snow and makes it difficult for Riley and Carter to find.

Todays our 32nd wedding anniversary, we want to have dinner tonight at Robin Hood to celebrate, I hope the snow changes to rain so we can get out of here.

We had Luella and Bob spend a few days last weekend, we have Ben & Matt coming over on Friday and Jake and Em are coming on Saturday to celebrate Christmas. Jake is bringing the standing rib roast, his contribution to the holiday.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big day this coming Saturday!

What's the big date? Riley's birthday - he turns 1 on Dec 8. Today is Wednesday, nice day, I played 18 holes of golf just 2 weeks after the carpal tunnel surgery (got the stitches out on Monday). Played under control and despite pretty soggy conditions I shot an 80 and it certainly could have been lower if I putted a little better on the front nine 3 putting 3 straights holes after landing on each green in regulation. Needed a little more club then normal but I was quite surprised.

Cleaned out the culvert on lot 11 yesterday, no fun but was necessary. All the leaves and crap is going into the pipe that feeds into the property. Raked out all the leaves and other debris and built several small cofferdams.

The boys are being good, we are trying to get outside and get a good walk in on the nice days. Riley is leaving both christmas trees alone.

I've put together a new play list on Rhapsody as Dave Matthews, Graham Parker, Dwight Yoakum and new guy Phillip Phillips have new albums (do we still them albums?). I'm sure it will be part of the music I'll use on my trip down south (73 days & counting).

Saturday there is a Christmas party at the golf course, nice to hear that Dennis & Carletta are now planning on attending. They are having a raffle for a free membership, that would be nice to win! It should be fun after golfing there all year, we are getting to know quite a few of the members. The locals are all up in arms because the LCMC has made a decision to close the club house from Dec 11 - March 1 and the rates are going up.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Last week of November

We had a great Thanksgiving, good weather and great company. Jake, Em & her dad, Chris spent Thanksgiving with us and Ben & Matt came over on Friday and spent the night. Lots of good food and football this weekend. For once I feel like I didn't over do it. I had plenty of goodies but in lower volume.

On the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving I had the Carpal Tunnel surgery performed at Mason General and as far as I can tell, everything is progressing normally.

Ben, Matt, Chris & I uncorked my beer I made and surprisingly enough it was very good, a honey wheat beer - that was a fun project.

We put up two Christmas trees this year, we put the second tree up in the loft. It's nice for Chris because its a room she spends a lot of time in.

We got heavy rains on Wednesday which caused local flooding. I found out that we have a blockage in one of our 12" pipes, I'm sure its an accumulation of debris that comes down from lot 11. Chris, Charlie and I tried to get it cleared but had little luck. I need to call a Roto Rooter kind of company to clear that drain.

Since my last entry, Carol & Jeff have left for warmer surroundings, as I write this they are in Bakersfield, CA getting ready to head to Borrego Springs in a couple of days.

It's nice outside but kind of chilly, I plan to do a little work out in the yard, cleaning up some of the annuals that have finally died after the first good frost of the season. I've got a meeting to attend this evening up by the golf course where they are addressing upcoming memberships fees. I need to get together soon with Steve to go over what the heck I should be doing as President of the men's club.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Beautiful Early November Day

Three straight days of blue skies - NICE! Made it out to the golf course today and this past Tuesday and didn't play too bad (86 -85). Cartpath only means humping it out to the balls each shot, I suppose its good for me. Barack Obama was reelected on Tuesday, first time I can remember ever watching most of the evening returns.

I had an appointment Wednesday to get ready for my upcoming carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. The hospital was thorough, blood draw, EKG, chest x-rays and lots of paper work filled out. I've got one more day of golf planned for tomorrow before I go on the shelf.

I trimmed several plants back and finished the garden shed redo this past weekend. After the surgery on the 20th, I'll need about 3 weeks to heal which will put me well into December. I'm not counting on to many more golf outings based on normal weather patterns before heading south in late Feb.

We had to move the Santee golf trip to April because of hurricane Sandy postponing some meetings for the guys. that should be interesting, the weather in April should be considerably warmer then what we are use to and the days will be longer as well.

Jake, Em & her dad Chris are coming over for Turkey day, that should be fun. might be a little challenge to find a bed for everyone since we only have 2 bedrooms but I know we will make it work.

Since the weather is suppose to be nice, I'm planning on hanging Christmas lights up on Saturday before the surgery.

Chris and I are planning a date night tomorrow - the latest James Bond movie "Skyfall" comes out and we'll go into Olympia to see it and grab Chinese food.

Should have taken before pictures of the garden shed, I'll snap a picture of the finished work and attach it to this posting.

Late addition, shot a 75 today, I have no idea where that came from but it's a great way to end things if I don't play next week and the surgery is the following week.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Will the sun ever come back?

It's only been a few days of rain but the cold damp weather has definitely set in. I made a list of fall and winter projects this morning. It's Saturday and I should be excited about watching the dawgs but the game against the Beavers is on the stupid Pac 12 network and is unavailable.

I only have a couple of weeks until I'll be leaving for South Carolina. I would like to get in some practice time before I go, I hope the weather will cooperate.

I published this blog to mark the official start of the rainy season. Its been really nice weather since mid July, I shouldn't complain but this year there was no gradual transformation, it went from sunny and mid 70's to low 50's and rain overnight.

Some of my end of the year projects (some weather dependent) include; dividing the yard into sections and doing a final weeding, isolating and cutting down the alders as things thin out, moving a half dozen plants in the back yard now that they have grown up, they need better spacing & turning off the water supply to the two sprinkler manifolds (I'm turning the watering over to mother nature).

As I look back on the accomplishments outside, I am quite please where we are after just two summers.
The lawn looks good, we fenced the back, moved the unsightly propane tank out behind the garden shed, created a roadway behind the shop to help gain access to the hillside, completely revamped the stairway leading up from the back yard to the well house, built the fountain outside the front door and planted probably 20 new plants and trees. Plenty more to do including both hillsides on the northwest and southeast sides of our property. I'm sure within a week or two I'll cut down plants and get rid of the annuals as we make way for winter to move in.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Late October

Weather seems to dominate the blog as we are getting cooler, wetter and losing daylight at an alarming rate. Still I got 3 rounds of golf in this week and finished my fall project - the steps leading up to our well house. I also managed to spread 1 & 1/2 loads of 3/4- gravel around the steps, along the side yard and re-graded the driveway!

Took Chris and Carole to the airport last Saturday, they are in Italy and having a blast. The dogs have been good this week and we can now leave Riley indoors without something getting broke or unexpectedly eaten!

Donna invited Jeff & I over tonight for pot roast dinner so I've got to run. I throw more up on the blog later, here's a couple of snaps tonight.

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1

Just a few misc thoughts. September was an incredibly nice weather month, little or no rain, I'll try to remember that when the gloomy skies and rain comes. I had an ambitious month planned and I got most of my list accomplished. First, I had a physical complete with blood work and I got very good news back from that. I think we have the thyroid medicine now at a level where it should help me. I've continued to keep the weight off and very slowly taking the lb's off. I had a lot of dental work done including some oral surgery that should keep my teeth healthy. Today I am scheduled to see an orthopedic doctor to examine my right hand where I have had numbness (probably carpol tunnel).

I'm in the middle of my stair project out back, should get some 3/4- today from Kennedy Creek and that will help dress up the first half of the stairs. I've reseeded some of the yellow spots and started the new grass up above on the top of the property - it's coming in good thanks to cool morning and evenings and sunny days.

One of my neighbors nominated me for president of our men's club up at Lake Cushman, it should be interesting for the next couple of years to be more involved in the set up and running of the league. I have met several guys up there and many stay throughout the winter, so if the weather allows us to play, I should have a good opportunity to play golf this fall/winter.

Chris is getting ready for her try to Italy, a couple weeks after she gets back I'll be heading to Santee for  my golf outing with Kerans, Zimmerman and Gilbreath. Riley's leg seems to be getting better, he hurt or strained it chasing a deer. Just took the two dogs in for exams and shots and the vet told me that Riley's 10lbs overweight! We'll work on that this fall.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Trip to Long Beach

Chris & I (and of course the dogs) made our way to the Long Beach peninsula for a couple of days. Weather was typical beach mist and clouds but at least no rain. We had a good time, visited some old shops, had pizza @ Chico's, thoroughly scoured Jacks Country Store, hit the taffy shop, etc. Thursday evening we were invited over to Annie's for dinner, had a good time and it was nice to catch-up, see her new place and especially see my nephew Shad. It was great to see him in such good spirits after all the troubles of his past.

Riley and Carter enjoyed our treks to the beach where they went nuts running in and out of the surf and filling my truck up with that "wet dog smell" and sand.

Back home now and fall has officially started, the leaves are turning, days are shorter and evenings are cooler. I have started my next (and last) big project of the year, building a stairway from our back yard up to the pump house. Nothing fancy, using 16" masonry stones and masonry sand to build the risers. Chris had carved a rough outline earlier this year when he put in the road behind the shop. I'll include a photo tonight.

Should be a fun Monday night, first it's the last couples night at the golf course as the locals are starting to head south and later it's Monday Night Football from the Clink, Packers vs the Seahawks. Seahawks have the best winning percentage of any NFL team on Monday night (probably because they rarely get that invite). I need the  hawks to win but A. Rodgers to do good because he's my fantasy QB and I'm playing my grandson Dillon this week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Headlines in the Times ... 40 days without measurable rainfall! August has really been nice. I picked a good month to take a hiatus from all the yard work. Have now shot a couple of rounds in the 70's and my handicap was lowered to 15.6 from 16.9 a pretty significant decline. Riley came back from a romp with Carter a little lame. I hope he has just sprained a muscle in his right front leg, it does seem to be getting slightly better - hard to keep him quiet!

Wilbur and Carolynn from the old neighborhood stopped by on Saturday for a visit, it was nice to see them. I hope I can visit them in their new place in Sun City, AZ this coming Feb - March when I go south. Ben and Matt also came over on Saturday and spent the night. They made dessert for all of us after we returned from Alderbrook (wedding crashing).

Definitely feel fall in the air but this first week of September has projected temps in the 80's. Just came back from a periodontal appointment, I have surgery scheduled for next Tuesday that I'm absolutely not looking forward to.

I'll be attaching a photo of our dogwood - it decided to bloom out this fall and is beautiful. Football season is just starting and I'm excited to see what the Hawks and Huskies can do this year. I thatched, aerated and fertilized the yards this holiday weekend. I plan to seed the new area on top and some of the back yard after the weather returns to "normal". My big fall project is to build a stairway up to our pump house. that should be good for a couple of pounds of weight-loss. I'm please to have kept slowly losing weight this summer, be nice to drop another 10 lbs before my trip down south.

We are reviving our South Carolina golf vacation this November, should be fun and wouldn't be surprised if it's the last time for that.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot August Nights

Temps this week in the 90's, too hot to do anything in the yard. I did manage to play golf 4 times this week including the club championship on Wed-Thurs and a fun couples scramble today (Friday). We played with the Klarich's and won a hard fought fourth place in the first flight to add $7.00 to the kitty.

After golf I took Riley and Carter to the lake to let them cool down, Riley has been to the lake before but today he went in for a swim. He looked like a torpedo in the water. Should have taken my phone and snapped a few photo's but I didn't.

I've taken the past two weeks off from yard work, kind of nice to take a break. I got plenty of golf in. Although it's a struggle at times, I've posted a couple of score in the 70's for the first time in many years.

Days are noticeably shorter and we are starting to wake up in semi-light conditions. It's suppose to remain nice for a while, I plan on working on lawn patches next week and trimming some of the bushes again.

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 28

Here we are in sub 70 degree temps enjoying a Friday night. Riley got neutered on Thursday so he's saddled with the "cone" for 7 to 10 days. Not a lot to report. Had a fantastic day at the golf course yesterday at Lake Cushman GC, it was our regular men's day. Out of nowhere I shot a 76 that included a double on the last hole. We played a shambles game and our group took my drive on every hole except the 4 par 3's. Didn't miss a fairway, hitting it straight and long (for me).

Still working up top, I put a tree ring around the 4 cherry trees, it looks good. I just need to clean up some weeds tomorrow and Jay is bringing up a load of 3/4 minus gravel. Then it'll be time to plant some grass seed, fertilize & water.

Here's a picture of Riley with the dreaded cone.



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good weather is finally here!

It's July 12th and we have enjoyed good weather beginning on the 4th. We hosted a barbecue on the 4th for our neighbors, it was a lot of fun and the food was good. Ben came over on Tuesday and stayed until Thursday morning. Jake called and with Emma out of town he was freed up to come over and spend Thursday - Sunday morning with us. We really enjoyed the boys company.

Around the house I managed to rid myself of the propane tank in the middle of my back yard and put two smaller tanks behind the garden shed. Dennis and Jeff help me dig a ditch for the new gas line and I spend three days putting everything back together.

Riley caught a bug and he is finally back to normal with the exception of his eye. He must of scratched his eye-lid playing with Tucker. It's starting to heal.

We had a day trip to Sequim to catch up with our neighbors who are there for the week. We played golf at Dungeness, began with low hanging clouds and wind but turned nice in the afternoon. Picked up a couple of poker chip ball markers and a nice bag tag to add to my collection.

This morning was more golf, I joined the "18 hollers" at Lake Cushman. I enjoy the golf and meeting new people but I wish I played better.

Looking forward to next Thursday, besides the normal golf @ LCGC I'm heading over to pick up Ben to see his new apartment and watch the premier of "The Dark Knight Rises". My CC company sent me two complimentary passes to an exclusive showing in Seattle one day before it officially opens to the public.

Here's a picture of the two goof balls at rest (doesn't happen enough).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zimmerman Wedding & My week at Jake's

Just returned from four days in Sunriver, OR. We attended the wedding of a former rep who has since been promoted and moved to Florida. The whole weekend was fun, weather was great, condo was nice, dogs behaved like champs and I got a couple of rounds of golf in. The golf on Saturday was particularly fun because the golf course was spectacular (Crosswater). I'm attaching a photo from one of the tee boxes but each whole had magnificent views of Mt Bachelor and the three sisters.

It's been a little while since my last blog, I need to catch up. I spent 5 days with Jake, we renovated his front yard (I'll attach photo's). I really enjoyed spending time with Jake and we were both proud of what we got accomplished. We tore out some unwanted overgrown plants, built a retaining wall, trimmed tree's and shrubs and thatched and over seeded his from and side lawns. It was fun to pass on a few tips I have learned from my own experiences. Can't wait to visit him again and see how things have progressed.

Riley has had some digestive problems, he had a couple of parasites and his medicine is finally working and he is getting back to normal. He continues to grow and is certainly a regular part of our family and now the neighborhood.

Starting to work now on the front lawns and the side hill. I've got the back in pretty good shape.

More later...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wet week ahead

No complaints about our weather lately, May's weather has been good until this week. Had a real fun Mother's Day weekend. Jake and em surprised us with a visit on Friday and Saturday and Ben & Matt came over Saturday night. The weather was spectacular - reaching about 80 degrees over the weekend.

Went to a funeral for one of our neighbors this weekend, he passed away at age 72 of cancer. I learned a lot about his life and how close his family was, I was glad Chris and I went to his memorial.

Found a cool plant at Home Depot and between two stores enough stock to complete my rock wall project. Now I just need some good weather to plant, pictures to follow!

I've been concentrating on cleaning up the shop since the weather has taken a turn for the worse. That will continue today and I'll work on the garden shed this week as well. I need to create a better space to hang up the garden tools. My other rainy day project will be to clean up the barbecue, I kind of promised Jake that he can have my barbecue, I plan to buy another and hook it up to the propane at the house.

Weather is more promising for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, I realized I haven't taken any pictures of the back yard with the new fence. the hanging plants and the island - I'll snap a few pictures and add them to the blog once the weather improves.

I have been getting in two or three golf games a week, I enjoy the course at Cushman but I'm antsy to get out and play a 18 hole course soon. Been driving the ball good and the new irons are great but I continue to struggle chipping the ball and I just need to practice. Each Thursday the men's club plays 18 holes and I'm enjoying being part of that group and I've played pretty consistently. I wonder how my score would be affected by putting everything out and not improving my lie - it hasn't had any affect shooting a 87 and a 89 the past two weeks. Somewhat disappointed that my score hasn't improved but I've come to realize that the combination of small lightning fast greens with lots of slope does not play to my some of my strengths. I think I would score much better if I were playing a more traditional course.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Water Feature

Finished a fun project, a small water feature next to the entryway into the house. Similar to something we had in our home in Ridgefield but this space was smaller. Took about a week to complete the different steps from finding just the right bubbler to digging the hole, installing the liner & pump, filling in the hole with drain rock to final landscaping. The picture I'm attaching doesn't include the two solar landscape lights that are in place now.

Weather has been unpredictable but generally cooler and wetter then normal (which is normal cool and wet!). The fence is in and it really helps to frame in the back yard. I need to take a photo of it and toss it in the blog somewhere.

Starting to get some golf in, our local course is in good shape but is soggy, a stretch of nice weather is really needed. I'm itching to get out on a big course soon.

Jake and I have set dates for working on his yard, I'm looking forward to spending 3 to 4 days with him at the end of May.

Ben & Matt have moved out of their home in Tacoma and into their new condo in and are very excited to be back in Seattle. I need to get a hold of Ben and make plans to visit very soon.

Riley is now 5 months and getting bigger every day. He has been a great puppy, good temperament and has fit right into the neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Settling in to a normal routine

Weather has been steadily improving making it easier to get into a routine. Dog sitting chores are done, Chris is back from Spain & France trip and I'm beginning to knock out some of my projects.

We are getting the back yard fence for the dogs and that has caused me to work on a couple of projects that needed to happen prior to the fence getting installed next week.

I started by transplanting the bushes that were just in front of the spa that riley has taken particular interest in. Moving those plants helped fill in some empty spaces in the flower beds. I replaced the plants with drain rock from Hunter Farm and it turned out nice.

Second project was moving the junipers that bordered the grass to the north. I cleaned up the area by the walking stick tree and transplanted the 5 junipers in a semi-circle around the tree. I'm on my way to get a load of bark-dust from Hunter Farms and dress up that area. In the space vacated by the junipers I will install a walkway to the back sidewalk, we are having a gate put there and it will be a natural way to enter the backyard.

Got a round of golf in - they are punching and sanding the greens so it will be another week before the course is playable again. I also dragged out the old fishing pole while dog sitting and we went to Kokanee Lake and threw a line in - no fish but it was fun!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Doggy day care

Chris, Ben, Matt & Becky flew to Paris and then on to Spain on saturday. I am dog sitting Hunter to add to my new puppy, Riley and Carter. things are working out good but it is work. Riley and Carter are getting along great, carter has fully accepted his "big brother" role and they play together all day. It's been a little more difficult with Hunter, not his fault, its just too much with three.

Weather has been horrible since returning from California, today was nice and I got a little work done outdoors. Came back inside to a mess that Hunter made. I either have to put him in his crate or just wait on the work until Hunter goes back home. I think the weather will worsen and take the decision away from me.

Took the dogs up to the golf course and paid for our annual membership.Really looking forward to golfing on a regular basis. Got a note from Todd that my gift card is coming, think I might invest it in a driver or 3 wood.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First week back

Welcome back to the northwest, rain and snow all week! Got quite a bit accomplished as I transitioned back from vacation. Riley is doing great! He is getting along great with Carter and Carter is playing with him. I think he has figured out that riley is a new member of our family and not just a guest. Truck is cleaned out, got the oil changed and 15K service yesterday, cost me an extra $100 for cleaning puppy poop out of my rear vent system (what a shot by Riley). went through my mail, got organized. Wish the weather was better, love to start getting outside and doing some yard work. Got some encouraging text messages from RK, RG and Zim, looks like our golf vacation is back on! Good chance for me to use the new sticks.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shopping for Riley

I'm picking up a new member of the family on my way home on Monday, his name is Riley. I had noticed on the Next Day Pet website that there were a lot of lab breeders in southern CA. One of them happened to be just outside Palm Springs. When I researched it a little further, this particular breeder has a reputation of raising championship labs for more then 30 years. When I dropped Chris off at the PS airport on Wed, I went to visit and of course fell in love with their puppies. Out of a litter of 6 there were 3 boys and 3 girls and only 2 boys were left.

So on Friday I went shopping...crate, toys,leash & collar, food & water etc. Off of HWY 10 exit (Monterrey) I found a Petsmart, Costco and Walmart. It was fun shopping for Riley, I probably over did it!

Shannon sent me photographs that I shared with Carole & Jeff, Merle & Donna. When I got back home I sent emails out to Chris, then Ben & Jake and Annie.

Plan today is to look for future potential rentals and get a round of golf in with our friends.

Here's a picture of Riley at 12 weeks (he was born on Dec 8.



Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heck of a windstorm

We had a powerful windstorm come through the area Tuesday afternoon with sustained winds at 50+ mph that lasted about 12 hours and made a mess of the pool, yard and the golf course. I emailed Hope and she got the landscapers out on Wed. To pick up the depris and rake the beds and the pool guy is scheduled to come this morning.

Wed was moving day, Rick took off for Florence around 7:00 am. Chris & I had breakfast with Carole & Jeff, then we came back to the house, did some cleaning and got Chris packed. We stopped by the Springs to say goodbye to our friends then we worked our way to Palm Springs airport.

I have been looking to buy another lab puppy, a companion for Carter and because Carter is such a good dog, I'm hoping he will act as a teacher for the new pup. I found a lab breeder with a long lineage of raising champion English Labordors in a small town, 30 miles west of Palm Spring called Cherry Valley. I'm not concerned about getting a show dog but it's such a huge personal investment (time, money and love), I want the healthiest dog I can afford. So after dropping Chris off at the airport, I went to visit the pups. Of course I fell in love with them and I found our "Riley". I'll pick up Riley on Monday morning on my way home. That should be quite an adventure! Pictures to follow...

Today we are playing golf at DeAnza Country Club, It's the course our rental house is located on and I'm excited to finally play it. There will still be a lot of debris on the course but the groundskeeping staff has been working hard to clean things up. Might be my last day of golf, I plan to go back to Palm Springs tomorrow to buy necessary supplies for Riley, Saturday I plan to visit potential future vacation rentals in the area. I love this house but it is not pet friendly and I may want to bring the boys with me next time.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye Ben & Matt - Hello Rick

Ben and Matt headed to Palm Springs this morning after having breakfast with Carole & Jeff, Chris & myself at the Red Ocotillo restaurant. Rick drove over from Florence this afternoon. We went over to the Galatin sculptures then up to St Isabella Casino for $2.00 bloody marys. Had a fun afternoon, we'll hit the Springs GC tomorrow.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ben & Matt have arrived

Ben and Matt came in around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. We put them right to work making pizza dinner for all of us (Jeff & Carole, Merle & Donna, and of course Chris and myself. Had a great time, food was awesome (all handmade). Plenty of wine and a lot of laughter! Ben & Matt have been helping me coordinate my I-phone & I-pad so I can include photos of my trip. The weather has been good but it's suppose to get very nice, temps in the high 70's maybe even 80 degrees. More to come!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Enjoying Borrego Springs

Made it to Borrego on Saturday afternoon (Dillon's BD). The house we rented is amazing, 3 bedrooms all with their own flat screen tv's, glass showers and doors outside to the pool area. I did get off to a rough start. The master br closet is where the owners store the lawn furniture cushions and somehow a mouse or mice got in there and really made a mess. After fuming about it for a few seconds, I snapped a few pictures and started cleaning things up. Spent most of that first afternoon and several hours the next morning getting things ship shape. Donna & Merle, Jeff & Carole stopped by for a tour and a few beers - it was fun to entertain in this house. The back of the house has a pool and small spa that needed some minor debris cleaning and I turned on the heater (I guess it takes a couple of days to warm up). Also out the back we face the 15th green and 16th tee box on the DeAnza GC. It's a beautiful setting. I plan to take some pictures today. Chris comes in on Wed, I think she'll love the place. Ben & Matt come in on Friday night for a couple of days, Rick comes in on Sunday afternoon for 3 or 4 days. More to follow...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday morning in Florence

Having a great time, we have golfed three straight days, not played great but I'm having fun and the weather is great. Rick is such a great host, won't let me buy anything. I'm glad he is coming to Borrego to let us pay him back. Ordered golf clubs for Chris and myself, they'll be delivered on Monday in Borrego. I have some pictures to download including a roadrunner that visited our golf cart at Apache Creek on Tuesday and an owl that is nesting in a palm tree here in Caliente. I have visited with Ron & Susan, golfed with Gary, Ron & Hartze (Bob) and of course Rick. Today I'll go for a swim and a spa, have some breakfast and finish washing the Ridgeline by cleaning the windows. One disappointment is the little golf course here, it's in terrible shape, rough & greens need to be mowed, weeds covering much of the fairways, many dead or barren spots on the greens and fairways. That has to be disappointing to the locals. More to come.

Friday, February 17, 2012

First day of my trip down south

My original thoughts were lost replaced with my most recent posting. Don't know what I did wrong. I'll try to summarize my travel down to Florence. Took 2 1/2 days 1,600 miles traveled. Spent the first night in Yreka, CA. Wish I had my camera out to snap a photo of Mount Ashland and Mount Shasta, they were beautiful, covered in snow. Roads were good, could see in future trips that snow could have been on roads but they were dry and bare. Next day plan was to make it to Bakersfield but made better than expected progress and ended up staying in Barstow, CA (what a dump). The hotel was right next to a railroad track and trains rumbled through about ever hour, shaking the building. Got up early the next morning and headed for Florence. Once I got to Needles, I took US 95 straight south to Blythe and Hwy 10. 95 was a decent road but was a roller coaster for the entire 80 miles, thought I was going to get sick! Next time I would go through Lake Havasu, down through Parker, much prettier and much flatter highway. Pulled into Florence about 2:30, plenty of time to unpack and visit with Rick, he served steaks!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jakes birthday

For Jakes birthday we invited him over on Friday to celebrate. Jake and I met at Salish Cliff's for a round of golf at the new course in our area. Weather was a little iffy but not too bad considering the time of year. We had a great time, I really liked the course layout, front nine much shorter and easier then the back nine. greens were good and the fairways were understandably mushy. I wish I took a few pictures, I need to get better at that. It is a beautiful setting, be fun to play when the weather gets nicer.

I hope Jake continues to play, he is very good especially when considering he doesn't play much. He was nice enough to let me win, I shot a 86, not bad but we both took a few mullies along the way.

We ended up going out for pizza at the Union deli, it was fun to have him over. That next morning we began planning for the yard renovation I'm going to help him with this spring.

That next day I had to go into Tacoma to pick up my new golf shoes and we met up with Ben and Matt for lunch, that was fun. They are thinking of joining us for a weekend down in Borrego Springs.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's get started

I'm venturing onto foreign soil here. Not sure what all I'd like to get accomplished. Ideas about monitoring my struggle to lose weight and establish a fitness routine. Post some of my favorite pictures. Record a journal of my upcoming vacation down to Arizona and California. Collect my thoughts about adjusting to life after working 27 years for one company, will I miss it? Will I get bored or have trouble finding enough to do? I love to golf and I'm looking forward to playing often. Will I improve? Will it be as much fun as I anticipate to join a mens league that plays regularly? I also love dogs, have a yellow lab and I'm considering getting a second dog. I would like to spend more time with my boys but will their schedule allow any more time for their dad? I hope to help Jake re-do his back yard this spring, really look forward to spending time with him. Ben and Matt are moving but they'll be all moved in before I finish my last couple weeks of work.

One week to go!

Hard to believe the time is rapidly approaching to leave on my trip down south. On Monday I'll start getting my things in order.

Had Jake over for a round of golf at Salish Cliffs - a fantastic new golf course, we both played well and like any good son, he let his dad win. I really enjoyed Jakes visit and our conversations. I'm looking forward to helping him with his yards projects when I get back from California & Arizona.

Had to go into Tacoma today to pick up my new golf shoes. That gave us a chance to have  lunch with Ben & Matt. The food was good and I felt the need to enjoy a good glass of Guinness, Again, it made me yearn for a pub here in Hoodsport.

The weather has turned a bit iffy, cold rain and drizzle. At least it was nice enough on Friday for Jake and I to get our round of golf in....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Settling In!

Two weeks into retirement, I'm just now getting use to the idea of not working for SW. I've been good about my workouts, I've been walking two miles Mon - Wed & Fri and got an extra workout in on Sunday. Surprised that the Super Bowl was so entertaining, I really enjoyed the game even though I had no real rooting interest.

Weather has been awesome allowing me the opportunity to get a jump on the flower beds. looking forward to start working on the lawn when I get back from Ariz & Calif.

Not having any trouble finding things to keep my interest. I'm also just beginning to get ready for my trip, getting my golf stuff in order and with the gift card from Ben & Matt, purchased some new golf shoes - they are very comfortable but look a little like clown shoes. I'm sure I'll hear it from my friends down in California when I see them in a couple of weeks.

I got up to the local course and walked 9 holes! My feet held up pretty well, golf game was predictably rusty but managed a 43.

I'm reading a fascinating book on dogs, very analytical but has really interesting insight into how and why dogs do what they do and how they see the world.

I hope the weather allows Jake and I to play golf tomorrow, not sure if it will be on his turf or mine. I'd like to play Salish Cliffs and then Chris & I can take him out to dinner for his birthday.

February is birthday month around here, Cathy, Jake, Travis & Dillon all have birthdays this month. Chris and I need to figure out what to give Dillon for his 13th birthday, I can't believe he is a teenager!

Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day of the rest of my Life!

Day one of retirement, beautiful today, Chris & I planted some winter pansies.
Got my walk in, 2 more miles down. Drove up to the golf course, it is still covered in snow, certainly nice enough to play today, temperature is in the low to mid 50's.
Talk to Mike @ Fidelity again today, we should have everything planned out very soon.
I guess I'm suppose to take a picture, not sure what that significance is.

I heard this weekend that one of my nephews had a bad fall and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to put a plate in his hand. He fell off a ladder in icy conditions - could have been much worse!

After Carter & I get our lunch hour rest in I've got a couple more things to do outside. I hope this weather lasts, give me an early chance to get a leg up on the weeds.

Walking outside on such a beautiful day gets my brain thinking about all the potential outside projects I would like to get started on.
        *Build two small retaining walls by shop
        *Build steps leading up to pump house
        *Clean up hill side, begin planting ground cover
        *Plant grass on the flat part on top of hill
        *Work on hillside below house, clean up, cut down, burn

Time to go back out there, Carter doesn't look like he wants to move.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Day

Met with Fidelity yesterday, returned cell phone, computer and office phone. It just hasn't sunk in yet.
I've been keeping busy, hope that continues.
Received calls from Jeff & Carole, Dennis and Rick, congratulating me on my retirement.
Washed cars, vacuumed, got TV remote fixed, cancelled business phone & fax, printed instructions for getting into the Borrego rental.
Tomorrow I need to figure out how to hook up the bluetooth on the i-phone and playing music.

Monday, January 23, 2012

In Nashville - Final Week!

Arrived very late last night to tornado warnings. Pretty easy schedule, had breakfast with John R, Bob M & Kevin M.
Anyway, back to the schedule, I've got a meeting at 12:30-2:30, then rehearsal for the group opening at 4:30. Special transportation to the rehearsal & back again to the reception back @ Opryland. Hope to have a few drinks with the guys & Randy.
Tomorrow go to the division opening, according to Randy, get recognized with other SM who hit their sales numbers, listen to the rest of the opening then head back home to Hoodsport.
At breakfast, Murphy mentioned to me that he recommended me to SSPC to do some auditing work. I'm not sure that I'd be interested in working so soon after retiring!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Stuck, waiting for snow to melt

Power's out figured out how to run generator. Rain is falling but with a layer of ice on top of snow,things aren't thawing out very fast. If things don't get better by tomorrow I'll work on Luci's road tomorrow. Things don't get a lot better by Sunday, I'm staying home, I don't want to leave Chris up here alone without power.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last two weeks of work

Starting to sink in, I've only got this week then the sales meeting and I'm done. Everyone asks me if I'm excited, should I be? Worked out my computer issues, installed new memory, downloaded OS 10 Lion operating system, deleted word, entourage & excel. Installed Mac equivalents.
Pretty good football games this weekend, loved to see the packers go down, surprised the 49ers beat the Saints.

Winter seems to finally arrived, it snowed this weekend and 13 inches predicted for this Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week of January 9th

Exciting news, I have my first personal cell phone, an I-Phone 4S making me a total mac head.
As I was trying to figure things out I've run into a few snags. My I-Mac doesn't have enough memory to support the new ios software LION. Without Lion I my desktop computer can't access the cloud where my i-pad and i-phone want to store everything. I'm headed to the Apple store on Friday to buy a memory chip and some software (LION doesn't support my old microsoft programs (excel & word). That's going to cost me, better do it while paychecks are still coming in (only two more pay days).

So far I've work out twice and I'm sure I'll go tomorrow. The problem I'm having with my achilles seems to be subsiding. Walking for 33 minutes, get 2 miles in. First lap begins at 3.5 and halfway turns up to 3.6 with slope of 1, 2nd lap at 3.7 slope of 2, 3rd-6th lap at 3.8 and a slope of 3. thank god for lap 7, reduce down to 3.5 then 3.6 with a slope of 1 then finally ramp back up to 3.9 and slope of 4 for 1/2 of lap 8 before turning back down to 3.5 and no slope. My workout music works well for me #1 Sick and Tired by Boz Scaggs, #2 Stick to the Plan by Graham Parker, Meeting with My Main Man by Allison Moyet, #4 Crazy Dream by Los Lonley Boys, #5 Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers, #6 Back Where I Belong by Alison Moyet and finally #7 Suddenly I See (Live) by KT Tunstall (I love the ending drum solo on this live version, puts me in a great mood (or I'm just glad to be done with the walk!

More later...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dinner Last Night @ the Space Needle

Great dinner and lots of fun last night as Chris and I hosted a dinner for Ray & his family. We were celebrating his 25th year anniversary and it was actually on his hire date - 25 years ago.
It was great to catch up, we hadn't seen his kids in many years, they are now all grown up.
It was a beautiful evening and we got a panoramic view of the city because the restaurant rotates!

Dinner last night with Ray & family

Had a great time and good dinner last night with Ray & his family. We ate at the Space Needle, Chris & I haven't been there in years.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jacob what have you done - Mom's hooked on Bejeweled

Introduced Chris to bejeweled yesterday, I warned her it's addicting. Now she's hooked, I may never get my ipad back. tried to send a couple of emails from the ipad and they bounced back. I can't use the mail program on the ipad need to stick to gmail.

Upcoming trip south

Note to self bring bike rack for Jeff & Carole.
Bring a set of jumper cables and a few essential tools and a couple of grease rags.

Fat guys rejoice

Worked out again, three days in a row. Walking two miles takes 32 min.