Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jakes birthday

For Jakes birthday we invited him over on Friday to celebrate. Jake and I met at Salish Cliff's for a round of golf at the new course in our area. Weather was a little iffy but not too bad considering the time of year. We had a great time, I really liked the course layout, front nine much shorter and easier then the back nine. greens were good and the fairways were understandably mushy. I wish I took a few pictures, I need to get better at that. It is a beautiful setting, be fun to play when the weather gets nicer.

I hope Jake continues to play, he is very good especially when considering he doesn't play much. He was nice enough to let me win, I shot a 86, not bad but we both took a few mullies along the way.

We ended up going out for pizza at the Union deli, it was fun to have him over. That next morning we began planning for the yard renovation I'm going to help him with this spring.

That next day I had to go into Tacoma to pick up my new golf shoes and we met up with Ben and Matt for lunch, that was fun. They are thinking of joining us for a weekend down in Borrego Springs.

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