Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday morning in Florence

Having a great time, we have golfed three straight days, not played great but I'm having fun and the weather is great. Rick is such a great host, won't let me buy anything. I'm glad he is coming to Borrego to let us pay him back. Ordered golf clubs for Chris and myself, they'll be delivered on Monday in Borrego. I have some pictures to download including a roadrunner that visited our golf cart at Apache Creek on Tuesday and an owl that is nesting in a palm tree here in Caliente. I have visited with Ron & Susan, golfed with Gary, Ron & Hartze (Bob) and of course Rick. Today I'll go for a swim and a spa, have some breakfast and finish washing the Ridgeline by cleaning the windows. One disappointment is the little golf course here, it's in terrible shape, rough & greens need to be mowed, weeds covering much of the fairways, many dead or barren spots on the greens and fairways. That has to be disappointing to the locals. More to come.

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