Thursday, February 9, 2012

Settling In!

Two weeks into retirement, I'm just now getting use to the idea of not working for SW. I've been good about my workouts, I've been walking two miles Mon - Wed & Fri and got an extra workout in on Sunday. Surprised that the Super Bowl was so entertaining, I really enjoyed the game even though I had no real rooting interest.

Weather has been awesome allowing me the opportunity to get a jump on the flower beds. looking forward to start working on the lawn when I get back from Ariz & Calif.

Not having any trouble finding things to keep my interest. I'm also just beginning to get ready for my trip, getting my golf stuff in order and with the gift card from Ben & Matt, purchased some new golf shoes - they are very comfortable but look a little like clown shoes. I'm sure I'll hear it from my friends down in California when I see them in a couple of weeks.

I got up to the local course and walked 9 holes! My feet held up pretty well, golf game was predictably rusty but managed a 43.

I'm reading a fascinating book on dogs, very analytical but has really interesting insight into how and why dogs do what they do and how they see the world.

I hope the weather allows Jake and I to play golf tomorrow, not sure if it will be on his turf or mine. I'd like to play Salish Cliffs and then Chris & I can take him out to dinner for his birthday.

February is birthday month around here, Cathy, Jake, Travis & Dillon all have birthdays this month. Chris and I need to figure out what to give Dillon for his 13th birthday, I can't believe he is a teenager!

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