Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day of the rest of my Life!

Day one of retirement, beautiful today, Chris & I planted some winter pansies.
Got my walk in, 2 more miles down. Drove up to the golf course, it is still covered in snow, certainly nice enough to play today, temperature is in the low to mid 50's.
Talk to Mike @ Fidelity again today, we should have everything planned out very soon.
I guess I'm suppose to take a picture, not sure what that significance is.

I heard this weekend that one of my nephews had a bad fall and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to put a plate in his hand. He fell off a ladder in icy conditions - could have been much worse!

After Carter & I get our lunch hour rest in I've got a couple more things to do outside. I hope this weather lasts, give me an early chance to get a leg up on the weeds.

Walking outside on such a beautiful day gets my brain thinking about all the potential outside projects I would like to get started on.
        *Build two small retaining walls by shop
        *Build steps leading up to pump house
        *Clean up hill side, begin planting ground cover
        *Plant grass on the flat part on top of hill
        *Work on hillside below house, clean up, cut down, burn

Time to go back out there, Carter doesn't look like he wants to move.

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