Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week of January 9th

Exciting news, I have my first personal cell phone, an I-Phone 4S making me a total mac head.
As I was trying to figure things out I've run into a few snags. My I-Mac doesn't have enough memory to support the new ios software LION. Without Lion I my desktop computer can't access the cloud where my i-pad and i-phone want to store everything. I'm headed to the Apple store on Friday to buy a memory chip and some software (LION doesn't support my old microsoft programs (excel & word). That's going to cost me, better do it while paychecks are still coming in (only two more pay days).

So far I've work out twice and I'm sure I'll go tomorrow. The problem I'm having with my achilles seems to be subsiding. Walking for 33 minutes, get 2 miles in. First lap begins at 3.5 and halfway turns up to 3.6 with slope of 1, 2nd lap at 3.7 slope of 2, 3rd-6th lap at 3.8 and a slope of 3. thank god for lap 7, reduce down to 3.5 then 3.6 with a slope of 1 then finally ramp back up to 3.9 and slope of 4 for 1/2 of lap 8 before turning back down to 3.5 and no slope. My workout music works well for me #1 Sick and Tired by Boz Scaggs, #2 Stick to the Plan by Graham Parker, Meeting with My Main Man by Allison Moyet, #4 Crazy Dream by Los Lonley Boys, #5 Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers, #6 Back Where I Belong by Alison Moyet and finally #7 Suddenly I See (Live) by KT Tunstall (I love the ending drum solo on this live version, puts me in a great mood (or I'm just glad to be done with the walk!

More later...

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