Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Settling in to a normal routine

Weather has been steadily improving making it easier to get into a routine. Dog sitting chores are done, Chris is back from Spain & France trip and I'm beginning to knock out some of my projects.

We are getting the back yard fence for the dogs and that has caused me to work on a couple of projects that needed to happen prior to the fence getting installed next week.

I started by transplanting the bushes that were just in front of the spa that riley has taken particular interest in. Moving those plants helped fill in some empty spaces in the flower beds. I replaced the plants with drain rock from Hunter Farm and it turned out nice.

Second project was moving the junipers that bordered the grass to the north. I cleaned up the area by the walking stick tree and transplanted the 5 junipers in a semi-circle around the tree. I'm on my way to get a load of bark-dust from Hunter Farms and dress up that area. In the space vacated by the junipers I will install a walkway to the back sidewalk, we are having a gate put there and it will be a natural way to enter the backyard.

Got a round of golf in - they are punching and sanding the greens so it will be another week before the course is playable again. I also dragged out the old fishing pole while dog sitting and we went to Kokanee Lake and threw a line in - no fish but it was fun!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Doggy day care

Chris, Ben, Matt & Becky flew to Paris and then on to Spain on saturday. I am dog sitting Hunter to add to my new puppy, Riley and Carter. things are working out good but it is work. Riley and Carter are getting along great, carter has fully accepted his "big brother" role and they play together all day. It's been a little more difficult with Hunter, not his fault, its just too much with three.

Weather has been horrible since returning from California, today was nice and I got a little work done outdoors. Came back inside to a mess that Hunter made. I either have to put him in his crate or just wait on the work until Hunter goes back home. I think the weather will worsen and take the decision away from me.

Took the dogs up to the golf course and paid for our annual membership.Really looking forward to golfing on a regular basis. Got a note from Todd that my gift card is coming, think I might invest it in a driver or 3 wood.