Monday, May 21, 2012

Wet week ahead

No complaints about our weather lately, May's weather has been good until this week. Had a real fun Mother's Day weekend. Jake and em surprised us with a visit on Friday and Saturday and Ben & Matt came over Saturday night. The weather was spectacular - reaching about 80 degrees over the weekend.

Went to a funeral for one of our neighbors this weekend, he passed away at age 72 of cancer. I learned a lot about his life and how close his family was, I was glad Chris and I went to his memorial.

Found a cool plant at Home Depot and between two stores enough stock to complete my rock wall project. Now I just need some good weather to plant, pictures to follow!

I've been concentrating on cleaning up the shop since the weather has taken a turn for the worse. That will continue today and I'll work on the garden shed this week as well. I need to create a better space to hang up the garden tools. My other rainy day project will be to clean up the barbecue, I kind of promised Jake that he can have my barbecue, I plan to buy another and hook it up to the propane at the house.

Weather is more promising for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, I realized I haven't taken any pictures of the back yard with the new fence. the hanging plants and the island - I'll snap a few pictures and add them to the blog once the weather improves.

I have been getting in two or three golf games a week, I enjoy the course at Cushman but I'm antsy to get out and play a 18 hole course soon. Been driving the ball good and the new irons are great but I continue to struggle chipping the ball and I just need to practice. Each Thursday the men's club plays 18 holes and I'm enjoying being part of that group and I've played pretty consistently. I wonder how my score would be affected by putting everything out and not improving my lie - it hasn't had any affect shooting a 87 and a 89 the past two weeks. Somewhat disappointed that my score hasn't improved but I've come to realize that the combination of small lightning fast greens with lots of slope does not play to my some of my strengths. I think I would score much better if I were playing a more traditional course.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Water Feature

Finished a fun project, a small water feature next to the entryway into the house. Similar to something we had in our home in Ridgefield but this space was smaller. Took about a week to complete the different steps from finding just the right bubbler to digging the hole, installing the liner & pump, filling in the hole with drain rock to final landscaping. The picture I'm attaching doesn't include the two solar landscape lights that are in place now.

Weather has been unpredictable but generally cooler and wetter then normal (which is normal cool and wet!). The fence is in and it really helps to frame in the back yard. I need to take a photo of it and toss it in the blog somewhere.

Starting to get some golf in, our local course is in good shape but is soggy, a stretch of nice weather is really needed. I'm itching to get out on a big course soon.

Jake and I have set dates for working on his yard, I'm looking forward to spending 3 to 4 days with him at the end of May.

Ben & Matt have moved out of their home in Tacoma and into their new condo in and are very excited to be back in Seattle. I need to get a hold of Ben and make plans to visit very soon.

Riley is now 5 months and getting bigger every day. He has been a great puppy, good temperament and has fit right into the neighborhood.