Sunday, May 6, 2012

Water Feature

Finished a fun project, a small water feature next to the entryway into the house. Similar to something we had in our home in Ridgefield but this space was smaller. Took about a week to complete the different steps from finding just the right bubbler to digging the hole, installing the liner & pump, filling in the hole with drain rock to final landscaping. The picture I'm attaching doesn't include the two solar landscape lights that are in place now.

Weather has been unpredictable but generally cooler and wetter then normal (which is normal cool and wet!). The fence is in and it really helps to frame in the back yard. I need to take a photo of it and toss it in the blog somewhere.

Starting to get some golf in, our local course is in good shape but is soggy, a stretch of nice weather is really needed. I'm itching to get out on a big course soon.

Jake and I have set dates for working on his yard, I'm looking forward to spending 3 to 4 days with him at the end of May.

Ben & Matt have moved out of their home in Tacoma and into their new condo in and are very excited to be back in Seattle. I need to get a hold of Ben and make plans to visit very soon.

Riley is now 5 months and getting bigger every day. He has been a great puppy, good temperament and has fit right into the neighborhood.

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