Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is over bring on 2013

Had a wonderful christmas holiday. We were able to spend time with Ben & Matt, Jake & Em, had dinner with Merle and Donna. It definitely was a while christmas although it rained most of the day. Everyone was very generous with their gift giving. Nice Husky jacket from Jake & Em, Nice mid sleeve Salish Cliff wind/rain jacket from Chris. Headphones & a  really nice "go" coffee cup from Ben & Matt and a gift card from grandma. Most surprising gift was a neon Sherwin-Williams sign that Jacob restored himself. I'm working on tweaking the electrical stuff to make it easier to hang up in the shop.

Of course I ate too much and ate the wrong stuff as is the norm for the holiday.

Jake, Em & I watched the Hawks dismantle the niners on sunday night and that was a lot of fun to do that with them.

Merle and Donna are heading back south tomorrow, I'm a little jealous because it is so cold and wet here but it won't be long before I start getting ready for my own trip down south.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week before Christmas, snowing almost every day

After LCMC closed the clubhouse on December 11, I played golf three or four times. I think the next golf will be down south with Rick. Today we really got hit, probably 4-6 inches, had to get the generators out and placed in the pump house and next to the house. The dogs are enjoying the snow, hard to play ball, the ball sinks into the snow and makes it difficult for Riley and Carter to find.

Todays our 32nd wedding anniversary, we want to have dinner tonight at Robin Hood to celebrate, I hope the snow changes to rain so we can get out of here.

We had Luella and Bob spend a few days last weekend, we have Ben & Matt coming over on Friday and Jake and Em are coming on Saturday to celebrate Christmas. Jake is bringing the standing rib roast, his contribution to the holiday.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big day this coming Saturday!

What's the big date? Riley's birthday - he turns 1 on Dec 8. Today is Wednesday, nice day, I played 18 holes of golf just 2 weeks after the carpal tunnel surgery (got the stitches out on Monday). Played under control and despite pretty soggy conditions I shot an 80 and it certainly could have been lower if I putted a little better on the front nine 3 putting 3 straights holes after landing on each green in regulation. Needed a little more club then normal but I was quite surprised.

Cleaned out the culvert on lot 11 yesterday, no fun but was necessary. All the leaves and crap is going into the pipe that feeds into the property. Raked out all the leaves and other debris and built several small cofferdams.

The boys are being good, we are trying to get outside and get a good walk in on the nice days. Riley is leaving both christmas trees alone.

I've put together a new play list on Rhapsody as Dave Matthews, Graham Parker, Dwight Yoakum and new guy Phillip Phillips have new albums (do we still them albums?). I'm sure it will be part of the music I'll use on my trip down south (73 days & counting).

Saturday there is a Christmas party at the golf course, nice to hear that Dennis & Carletta are now planning on attending. They are having a raffle for a free membership, that would be nice to win! It should be fun after golfing there all year, we are getting to know quite a few of the members. The locals are all up in arms because the LCMC has made a decision to close the club house from Dec 11 - March 1 and the rates are going up.