Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is over bring on 2013

Had a wonderful christmas holiday. We were able to spend time with Ben & Matt, Jake & Em, had dinner with Merle and Donna. It definitely was a while christmas although it rained most of the day. Everyone was very generous with their gift giving. Nice Husky jacket from Jake & Em, Nice mid sleeve Salish Cliff wind/rain jacket from Chris. Headphones & a  really nice "go" coffee cup from Ben & Matt and a gift card from grandma. Most surprising gift was a neon Sherwin-Williams sign that Jacob restored himself. I'm working on tweaking the electrical stuff to make it easier to hang up in the shop.

Of course I ate too much and ate the wrong stuff as is the norm for the holiday.

Jake, Em & I watched the Hawks dismantle the niners on sunday night and that was a lot of fun to do that with them.

Merle and Donna are heading back south tomorrow, I'm a little jealous because it is so cold and wet here but it won't be long before I start getting ready for my own trip down south.

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