Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week before Christmas, snowing almost every day

After LCMC closed the clubhouse on December 11, I played golf three or four times. I think the next golf will be down south with Rick. Today we really got hit, probably 4-6 inches, had to get the generators out and placed in the pump house and next to the house. The dogs are enjoying the snow, hard to play ball, the ball sinks into the snow and makes it difficult for Riley and Carter to find.

Todays our 32nd wedding anniversary, we want to have dinner tonight at Robin Hood to celebrate, I hope the snow changes to rain so we can get out of here.

We had Luella and Bob spend a few days last weekend, we have Ben & Matt coming over on Friday and Jake and Em are coming on Saturday to celebrate Christmas. Jake is bringing the standing rib roast, his contribution to the holiday.

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