Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seahawks lose to Falcons - time to think about 2013

After a surprisingly good run at the end of the season, the Seahawk season just finished this afternoon with a close loss to the Atlanta Falcons. It was a fun run and very exciting for the Northwest. I've enjoyed having text wars with Jacob during the games. Chris and I went over to Jake and Em's dressed up in full Seahawk gear to watch them beat the Redskins last weekend.

Now that football has almost ran its course, I now need to move on to the events coming up.   I leave Feb 17th for a return trip to Arizona and Borrego Springs - its been unseasonably cold down there this year but I hope things will warm up in a month. Chris and I have been walking down at the Hood Canal Fitness Club 3x a week, it feels good to exercise and work up a lather again.

I'm starting to get involved in my new capacity as President of the 18 hole men's club at Lake Cushman. Haven't been able to play for a month because of snow up there but there are organizational things to do prior to the spring golf season. Since I'm gone for a month, I'm trying to get as many things lined up as I can before I leave.

I hope to get some burning done before I leave, we are scheduled to have a decent week of weather but it's bone-chilling cold. I tried yesterday to get a fire started and my neighbor Pat did as well without any luck. I might try to get my weed-burner fired up tomorrow to jump start a fire. Dennis and I discussed playing golf somewhere this week, we both have the bug to play and our local course is still snowed out.

I think my main spring tasks will be working on the lawn, working on my golf game, planning a garden this spring (a first for myself and Chris) and identifying plants for the hillside. I might tackle that project in small - easy to managed sections. I need to even out the drain field grass and overseed there, level out the new little section I planted on top of the cul-de-sac and reseed, and top dress the back and front lawns. We might move some of the plants out back that are too big for the spots they are in or to move them so Riley doesn't turn them to mulch. Finally, I will get together with Jake to help him redo his back yard. That should be easier to tackle then the major work we put into the front yard. Perhaps I'll come back in the fall and help him with painting the house - that will be a pretty big project.

I had the SW sign Jake gave me cleaned up and the neon tubing replaced. It is now ready and I can't wait to get it hung up in the shop.