Sunday, March 18, 2012

First week back

Welcome back to the northwest, rain and snow all week! Got quite a bit accomplished as I transitioned back from vacation. Riley is doing great! He is getting along great with Carter and Carter is playing with him. I think he has figured out that riley is a new member of our family and not just a guest. Truck is cleaned out, got the oil changed and 15K service yesterday, cost me an extra $100 for cleaning puppy poop out of my rear vent system (what a shot by Riley). went through my mail, got organized. Wish the weather was better, love to start getting outside and doing some yard work. Got some encouraging text messages from RK, RG and Zim, looks like our golf vacation is back on! Good chance for me to use the new sticks.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shopping for Riley

I'm picking up a new member of the family on my way home on Monday, his name is Riley. I had noticed on the Next Day Pet website that there were a lot of lab breeders in southern CA. One of them happened to be just outside Palm Springs. When I researched it a little further, this particular breeder has a reputation of raising championship labs for more then 30 years. When I dropped Chris off at the PS airport on Wed, I went to visit and of course fell in love with their puppies. Out of a litter of 6 there were 3 boys and 3 girls and only 2 boys were left.

So on Friday I went shopping...crate, toys,leash & collar, food & water etc. Off of HWY 10 exit (Monterrey) I found a Petsmart, Costco and Walmart. It was fun shopping for Riley, I probably over did it!

Shannon sent me photographs that I shared with Carole & Jeff, Merle & Donna. When I got back home I sent emails out to Chris, then Ben & Jake and Annie.

Plan today is to look for future potential rentals and get a round of golf in with our friends.

Here's a picture of Riley at 12 weeks (he was born on Dec 8.



Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heck of a windstorm

We had a powerful windstorm come through the area Tuesday afternoon with sustained winds at 50+ mph that lasted about 12 hours and made a mess of the pool, yard and the golf course. I emailed Hope and she got the landscapers out on Wed. To pick up the depris and rake the beds and the pool guy is scheduled to come this morning.

Wed was moving day, Rick took off for Florence around 7:00 am. Chris & I had breakfast with Carole & Jeff, then we came back to the house, did some cleaning and got Chris packed. We stopped by the Springs to say goodbye to our friends then we worked our way to Palm Springs airport.

I have been looking to buy another lab puppy, a companion for Carter and because Carter is such a good dog, I'm hoping he will act as a teacher for the new pup. I found a lab breeder with a long lineage of raising champion English Labordors in a small town, 30 miles west of Palm Spring called Cherry Valley. I'm not concerned about getting a show dog but it's such a huge personal investment (time, money and love), I want the healthiest dog I can afford. So after dropping Chris off at the airport, I went to visit the pups. Of course I fell in love with them and I found our "Riley". I'll pick up Riley on Monday morning on my way home. That should be quite an adventure! Pictures to follow...

Today we are playing golf at DeAnza Country Club, It's the course our rental house is located on and I'm excited to finally play it. There will still be a lot of debris on the course but the groundskeeping staff has been working hard to clean things up. Might be my last day of golf, I plan to go back to Palm Springs tomorrow to buy necessary supplies for Riley, Saturday I plan to visit potential future vacation rentals in the area. I love this house but it is not pet friendly and I may want to bring the boys with me next time.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye Ben & Matt - Hello Rick

Ben and Matt headed to Palm Springs this morning after having breakfast with Carole & Jeff, Chris & myself at the Red Ocotillo restaurant. Rick drove over from Florence this afternoon. We went over to the Galatin sculptures then up to St Isabella Casino for $2.00 bloody marys. Had a fun afternoon, we'll hit the Springs GC tomorrow.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ben & Matt have arrived

Ben and Matt came in around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. We put them right to work making pizza dinner for all of us (Jeff & Carole, Merle & Donna, and of course Chris and myself. Had a great time, food was awesome (all handmade). Plenty of wine and a lot of laughter! Ben & Matt have been helping me coordinate my I-phone & I-pad so I can include photos of my trip. The weather has been good but it's suppose to get very nice, temps in the high 70's maybe even 80 degrees. More to come!