Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shopping for Riley

I'm picking up a new member of the family on my way home on Monday, his name is Riley. I had noticed on the Next Day Pet website that there were a lot of lab breeders in southern CA. One of them happened to be just outside Palm Springs. When I researched it a little further, this particular breeder has a reputation of raising championship labs for more then 30 years. When I dropped Chris off at the PS airport on Wed, I went to visit and of course fell in love with their puppies. Out of a litter of 6 there were 3 boys and 3 girls and only 2 boys were left.

So on Friday I went shopping...crate, toys,leash & collar, food & water etc. Off of HWY 10 exit (Monterrey) I found a Petsmart, Costco and Walmart. It was fun shopping for Riley, I probably over did it!

Shannon sent me photographs that I shared with Carole & Jeff, Merle & Donna. When I got back home I sent emails out to Chris, then Ben & Jake and Annie.

Plan today is to look for future potential rentals and get a round of golf in with our friends.

Here's a picture of Riley at 12 weeks (he was born on Dec 8.



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