Saturday, February 11, 2012

One week to go!

Hard to believe the time is rapidly approaching to leave on my trip down south. On Monday I'll start getting my things in order.

Had Jake over for a round of golf at Salish Cliffs - a fantastic new golf course, we both played well and like any good son, he let his dad win. I really enjoyed Jakes visit and our conversations. I'm looking forward to helping him with his yards projects when I get back from California & Arizona.

Had to go into Tacoma today to pick up my new golf shoes. That gave us a chance to have  lunch with Ben & Matt. The food was good and I felt the need to enjoy a good glass of Guinness, Again, it made me yearn for a pub here in Hoodsport.

The weather has turned a bit iffy, cold rain and drizzle. At least it was nice enough on Friday for Jake and I to get our round of golf in....

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