Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1

Just a few misc thoughts. September was an incredibly nice weather month, little or no rain, I'll try to remember that when the gloomy skies and rain comes. I had an ambitious month planned and I got most of my list accomplished. First, I had a physical complete with blood work and I got very good news back from that. I think we have the thyroid medicine now at a level where it should help me. I've continued to keep the weight off and very slowly taking the lb's off. I had a lot of dental work done including some oral surgery that should keep my teeth healthy. Today I am scheduled to see an orthopedic doctor to examine my right hand where I have had numbness (probably carpol tunnel).

I'm in the middle of my stair project out back, should get some 3/4- today from Kennedy Creek and that will help dress up the first half of the stairs. I've reseeded some of the yellow spots and started the new grass up above on the top of the property - it's coming in good thanks to cool morning and evenings and sunny days.

One of my neighbors nominated me for president of our men's club up at Lake Cushman, it should be interesting for the next couple of years to be more involved in the set up and running of the league. I have met several guys up there and many stay throughout the winter, so if the weather allows us to play, I should have a good opportunity to play golf this fall/winter.

Chris is getting ready for her try to Italy, a couple weeks after she gets back I'll be heading to Santee for  my golf outing with Kerans, Zimmerman and Gilbreath. Riley's leg seems to be getting better, he hurt or strained it chasing a deer. Just took the two dogs in for exams and shots and the vet told me that Riley's 10lbs overweight! We'll work on that this fall.

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