Monday, September 24, 2012

Trip to Long Beach

Chris & I (and of course the dogs) made our way to the Long Beach peninsula for a couple of days. Weather was typical beach mist and clouds but at least no rain. We had a good time, visited some old shops, had pizza @ Chico's, thoroughly scoured Jacks Country Store, hit the taffy shop, etc. Thursday evening we were invited over to Annie's for dinner, had a good time and it was nice to catch-up, see her new place and especially see my nephew Shad. It was great to see him in such good spirits after all the troubles of his past.

Riley and Carter enjoyed our treks to the beach where they went nuts running in and out of the surf and filling my truck up with that "wet dog smell" and sand.

Back home now and fall has officially started, the leaves are turning, days are shorter and evenings are cooler. I have started my next (and last) big project of the year, building a stairway from our back yard up to the pump house. Nothing fancy, using 16" masonry stones and masonry sand to build the risers. Chris had carved a rough outline earlier this year when he put in the road behind the shop. I'll include a photo tonight.

Should be a fun Monday night, first it's the last couples night at the golf course as the locals are starting to head south and later it's Monday Night Football from the Clink, Packers vs the Seahawks. Seahawks have the best winning percentage of any NFL team on Monday night (probably because they rarely get that invite). I need the  hawks to win but A. Rodgers to do good because he's my fantasy QB and I'm playing my grandson Dillon this week!

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