Saturday, October 27, 2012

Will the sun ever come back?

It's only been a few days of rain but the cold damp weather has definitely set in. I made a list of fall and winter projects this morning. It's Saturday and I should be excited about watching the dawgs but the game against the Beavers is on the stupid Pac 12 network and is unavailable.

I only have a couple of weeks until I'll be leaving for South Carolina. I would like to get in some practice time before I go, I hope the weather will cooperate.

I published this blog to mark the official start of the rainy season. Its been really nice weather since mid July, I shouldn't complain but this year there was no gradual transformation, it went from sunny and mid 70's to low 50's and rain overnight.

Some of my end of the year projects (some weather dependent) include; dividing the yard into sections and doing a final weeding, isolating and cutting down the alders as things thin out, moving a half dozen plants in the back yard now that they have grown up, they need better spacing & turning off the water supply to the two sprinkler manifolds (I'm turning the watering over to mother nature).

As I look back on the accomplishments outside, I am quite please where we are after just two summers.
The lawn looks good, we fenced the back, moved the unsightly propane tank out behind the garden shed, created a roadway behind the shop to help gain access to the hillside, completely revamped the stairway leading up from the back yard to the well house, built the fountain outside the front door and planted probably 20 new plants and trees. Plenty more to do including both hillsides on the northwest and southeast sides of our property. I'm sure within a week or two I'll cut down plants and get rid of the annuals as we make way for winter to move in.

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