Friday, November 9, 2012

Beautiful Early November Day

Three straight days of blue skies - NICE! Made it out to the golf course today and this past Tuesday and didn't play too bad (86 -85). Cartpath only means humping it out to the balls each shot, I suppose its good for me. Barack Obama was reelected on Tuesday, first time I can remember ever watching most of the evening returns.

I had an appointment Wednesday to get ready for my upcoming carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. The hospital was thorough, blood draw, EKG, chest x-rays and lots of paper work filled out. I've got one more day of golf planned for tomorrow before I go on the shelf.

I trimmed several plants back and finished the garden shed redo this past weekend. After the surgery on the 20th, I'll need about 3 weeks to heal which will put me well into December. I'm not counting on to many more golf outings based on normal weather patterns before heading south in late Feb.

We had to move the Santee golf trip to April because of hurricane Sandy postponing some meetings for the guys. that should be interesting, the weather in April should be considerably warmer then what we are use to and the days will be longer as well.

Jake, Em & her dad Chris are coming over for Turkey day, that should be fun. might be a little challenge to find a bed for everyone since we only have 2 bedrooms but I know we will make it work.

Since the weather is suppose to be nice, I'm planning on hanging Christmas lights up on Saturday before the surgery.

Chris and I are planning a date night tomorrow - the latest James Bond movie "Skyfall" comes out and we'll go into Olympia to see it and grab Chinese food.

Should have taken before pictures of the garden shed, I'll snap a picture of the finished work and attach it to this posting.

Late addition, shot a 75 today, I have no idea where that came from but it's a great way to end things if I don't play next week and the surgery is the following week.

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