Monday, November 26, 2012

Last week of November

We had a great Thanksgiving, good weather and great company. Jake, Em & her dad, Chris spent Thanksgiving with us and Ben & Matt came over on Friday and spent the night. Lots of good food and football this weekend. For once I feel like I didn't over do it. I had plenty of goodies but in lower volume.

On the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving I had the Carpal Tunnel surgery performed at Mason General and as far as I can tell, everything is progressing normally.

Ben, Matt, Chris & I uncorked my beer I made and surprisingly enough it was very good, a honey wheat beer - that was a fun project.

We put up two Christmas trees this year, we put the second tree up in the loft. It's nice for Chris because its a room she spends a lot of time in.

We got heavy rains on Wednesday which caused local flooding. I found out that we have a blockage in one of our 12" pipes, I'm sure its an accumulation of debris that comes down from lot 11. Chris, Charlie and I tried to get it cleared but had little luck. I need to call a Roto Rooter kind of company to clear that drain.

Since my last entry, Carol & Jeff have left for warmer surroundings, as I write this they are in Bakersfield, CA getting ready to head to Borrego Springs in a couple of days.

It's nice outside but kind of chilly, I plan to do a little work out in the yard, cleaning up some of the annuals that have finally died after the first good frost of the season. I've got a meeting to attend this evening up by the golf course where they are addressing upcoming memberships fees. I need to get together soon with Steve to go over what the heck I should be doing as President of the men's club.

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