Saturday, December 6, 2014

Catching Up!

  Here's our amazing Grace! She is a real cutie. We went over on Thanksgiving and had a great time with everyone, topped off with plenty of "Grace Time" and a real fun watching of the Seahawks beatdown of the 49ers.
  I can't believe how fast time goes. Just a couple of weeks before Christmas. We have everything decorated here and at the golf course. Even got a little taste of early Christmas snow.
  Should be a fun Christmas, Travis will even be here this year. In years past it's been mostly Chris & I but this year there should be 10 of us!
  My thoughts come to me randomly as I try and remember the past 5 months. Work continues to be fun and challenging, I'd like to think I'm making a difference, cleaning things up, improving things on the course, building a good team and most importantly, creating a positive attitude. We just finished a "Turkey Shoot" golf tournament where we raised about $1,500 in cash and food for our local food bank. Got a real break in the weather. Had a good year personally on the golf course getting my handicap as low as an 8, by far the lowest it has every been. I'm now back up to an 11 - a good number for the winter.
  We will be going to Borrego Springs again this spring, have not decided if this will be the last time I rent the house. Might look for more affordable options. I might also try and stay down there a little longer than a month. Might be a good compromise with the BOD to give me more time off vs more money.
  The neighbors are down south now in Borrego, the Merle and Donna should be coming home for Christmas soon. By the time they leave again I'll only have a couple of months to go before I head down.
  Riley & Carter are good, they haven't been able to get out as much as they would like but they are quick to adapt. We kenneled them over Thanksgiving, they got their nails trimmed and got a much needed bath.

  Thinking of projects for the spring, one is to build a pond out front where we have an undeveloped area that is a pain to weed. I saw something I liked
during our stay at the beach. It incorporated natural things to outline the pond, things we have in abundance on the property. I asked Annie to inquire about the person who built the pond at the beach, he has since moved to Texas. Might be something I can tackle.

Ben just completed work on an amazing project for Starbucks. Starbucks took an old Packard auto sales building on Capitol Hill and turned it into a Roaster. Ben had a large part in the interior merchandisers design, we went to the grand opening last night. Ben & Matt then hosted a dinner at their place afterwards. It was a fun evening!

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