Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I'm so bad about entering posts. It's Halloween and another summer is in the books. Highlight of the summer is how Grace changes weekly and how amazingly well she communicates. She loves to hop and dance, clap her hands and spin in circles, such a delight. We can't see her as much as we'd like but we can visit regularly on facebook. Grandma & I took Grace to the zoo and had a blast.

Chris & Carole just got back from 2 weeks in Italy. Don't need to add that they had a great time.

Ben has really been traveling a ton this year. He just got back from Amsterdam, he also went to Milan, WA D.C. New York and of course, down to Napa for a quick review of their new wine they are bottling. Matt is also doing great, he just went to D.C. To take an exam to become a judge, amazing!
Riley and Carter are both doing good, they enjoyed our stay in Borrego and we are getting ready for an even longer stay starting this November.

Travis is really doing good, Dillon & Bailey present their unique challenges but he's always positive. He is enjoying his new job and received a very nice promotion.

Didn't do much in the yard, reseeded the front yard this fall but it's been so wet, I won't know how well it takes until I get back from Borrego.

The truck is in the shop getting repaired from being run off the road. Lucky I didn't get hurt.

Came home from Borrego to find out we were burglarized. Thieves took various items. Took all my SWP rings, watches and collectibles that can't be replaced. Most items were covered by insurance, we were lucky they didn't do much property damage. We've got a better plan in place for this winter.

It's been an interesting year at work. The committee that formed last year is a pain in my rear. We've had a good year financially, yet the committee has recommended to close down the golf course Nov-Jan. It's disappointing but I now have another couple months off to spend in Borrego.

I'll close with another picture of my little girl, As excited as Chris & I are to spend more time down south, we will miss our kids during the holidays.
This picture of Grace came from a recent visit. Jake & I were watching the "Hawks", Grace was watching Curious George on dad's I-phone.

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