Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back home from Borrego

It's been a very productive 2 weeks since we've been back. Weather has been nice - Easter weekend saw temps climb to the 70's. Our plants have definitely responded, daffodils have bloomed and the tulips are close to bloomimg as well. The flowering plums are bright pink, too bad they only last a few weeks.

Chris has been helping with getting the flower beds cleaned, I've fertilized the yards and edged them as well. I cleaned up the area west of the shop, trimmed up the cedar and outlined the cedar and contorted filbert with rocks. Working on the garden space, need to level it out and buy the manor stones to outline the area then buy the organic compost.

Grandma & Bob have been visiting the past couple of days, we are going over to Seattle to visit Ben's art show this evening. Thursday will be the first official men's club event of the 2013 golf season. I think being the President has helped me meet more members and let me into some of the close knit groups up at the golf course.

Riley and Carter have been great, they have been spending most of the day outdoors during this nice weather. I hope Riley takes it easy on our backyard plants this year.

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